Wearhaus Featured Artist: Scott and Brendo

February 2, 2014

Quirky and upbeat, Scott & Brendo recently chatted with us about everything from who they are to their guilty pleasures (coughnickelbackcough) to their newly released EP, The Cool Guys. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Scott & Brendo, their sound can be described as, per their Twitter bio, ‘rock and pop colliding with acoustic sunshine.’ Their music has been featured a lot in YouTube videos, especially in Youtube artist devinsupertramp’s videos.

Stream (and maybe even download) “Little Voices,” “Northwest,” among other songs at http://scottandbrendo.bandcamp.com/!


Wearhaus: For the readers who aren’t familiar with you- Who are you? Where are you guys from?
Scott: We’re from all over the place, though we’re currently living in Salt Lake City. Our music can be described as hip hop sunshine pop.

Where does your story start?
S: We both have a background in music doing solo stuff. We met in college about 6 years ago and we became friends over our shared quirky sense of humor. Over the next few years we realized we were both doing music and sent each other our solo projects and started learning from each other. Last year, I was making videos and needed music for a project- I actually have a film making background; that was my major- so I decided to collaborate with Brendo.

Who are your biggest inspirations?
S: One of my biggest inspirations is Adam Young from Owl City as well as Matt Kearny. I try to blend that with alternative in our music.

B: I love the earlier electronic music, like Aphex Twins and Orbital as well as the more modern left side. I’m also heavily influenced by Adam Drucker (Doseone) and Radiohead. People who take it to a different level. The more experimental stuff.

You list on your Facebook profile that your influences include Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) and Thor. Can you talk a little more about that?
(laughs) Oh man, it’s been so long I forgot we put them down as influences. We are inspired by Chad Kroeger’s manliness and his beard. We also like Thor’s intensity and his muscles.

B: I like Nickelback. My favorite Nickelback album is probably tied between “All the Right Reasons” and “Long Road Home,” but there’s too many to pick from.

Out of all of your songs, which one is your favorite?
S: Depends on the mood, but perhaps “Northwest.”

B: Yeah, probably “Northwest” or “Little Voices.”


A lot of your music has not only a really upbeat instrumental but also really upbeat lyrics- it definitely follows your twitter description: “acoustic sunshine.” Is there a reason why all of your music is so upbeat and happy?
S: It’s actually really funny that you say that. A lot of the newer stuff is more of a blend. We really got into the upbeat and cheerful because of the content we were writing for- the action adventure kids type videos, like Devinsupertramp’s stuff. We reflected that in our music and made everything more fun and lighthearted. Ultimately thats how we grew our fanbase, but we like to write a blend of things. We both have very unique styles and different backgrounds. Some stuff coming out later this year will be darker, but we’re known for our upbeat music.

So you recently released a new EP/LP called The Cool Guys. How has the feedback been so far?
S: We’ve gotten really positive feedback from the fans. Pretty much everything we’ve written so far has been for videos. More recently, we’re trying to focus on writing new songs that aren’t ever getting submitted, but something fresh for the band days. The Cool Guys is a compilation of new and old-  some new songs, and some songs that we had already written.


Guilty pleasures?
S: I’m actually a HUGE JUSTIN BIEBER FAN. Favorite songs by him are probably “Beauty and The Beat,” “All Around the World.”

B: I listen to “All Around the World” a lot, actually, because it has some cool mixes on it. Nickelback is probably my guilty pleasure. I’ve also seen every live performance video of Twenty-One Pilots available- favorite songs by them right now are “Trees,” and “Guns for Hands,” but I’ve just been listening to the album on repeat.

You guys asked this to your followers on Twitter, so I thought I’d ask you guys the same question- what’s the funniest/most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you in public?
S: In 7th grade I had just moved to a new middle school and was sitting by myself at lunch. You know how they used to give out milk cartons with your lunch? I opened mine and had forgotten about it, so I started shaking the open milk carton. I sprayed milk on myself and everyone around me. Everyone laughed at me. I ran and hid in the bathroom.

B: In the first grade, I had to go pee, but was scared to ask my teacher so I was holding it as long as I could. I finally asked her and was running from the portable where our classroom was into the building, but I started going on the way to the building and was soaked in my urine. I didn’t know if I should turn back, or go to the bathroom, but I eventually turned around and went back. It was so obvious that I had peed my pants.

Did you end up getting a nickname out of that?
B: No, I already had the nickname Beach Ball Head because I had such a big head, so that didn’t change.

Will you guys be touring anytime soon?
S: No big tours yet, because we’re busy making movies. We’re hoping to tour later this year and do bigger stuff.

For more information on Scott and Brendo, check out their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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