Development Update #10: Design and End of Pre-Sales

February 16, 2014

GUEST POST: UI Designer Elizabeth Lin has been an integral part of developing the Wearhaus mobile app. To give some insight into her design process and the evolution of our app, we asked her to write Development Update #10. Learn more about Elizabeth at

In many ways, a designer’s process might seem like a magical black box where a list of features enters one end and a set of pixel perfect mockups pop out the other. This black box is far from magic. Interfaces don’t simply appear with the wave of a wand. Design is all about iterations altered by user feedback, trial and error and bursts of inspiration.

Throughout the course of designing the Wearhaus mobile app interface, we created too many iterations to count. Sometimes, an iteration would only differ by the placement of a single button. Other times, an iteration could completely alter the style of the interface.

In our latest designs, we’ve added three major stylistic changes. First, we transformed the aesthetic so that photography is the central part of the design. On the Stations screen, the album art is now the focus of each station rather than the album name.

[Before, After]

Secondly, we eliminated the tabs to switch between My Room, People Nearby and My Songs. Instead, we hid navigation within a hamburger icon on the top bar. With the navigation hidden, we created space for more important features such as displaying a Currently Playing bar.

[Before, After]

ANNOUNCEMENT! We are almost sold out of our first shipment of Wearhaus Arcs! The LAST DAY to pre-order is TODAY, 10/16/14.

But don’t worry…there will still be plenty of opportunities to make a purchase in the near future! In the meantime, pre-order your Arc here —->

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