Backer Update 12: Surveys and ear cushions

February 17, 2014

Hey Kickstarter Backers! Did we mention how much we love you? We just want to say thank you foreverrrrr!
The surveys asking for your address, Arc color and more were sent out on Monday. URGENT! Make sure you fill out your survey so we can keep everything on track.

A few people have contacted us about the mobile platform they identified in the survey. Don’t worry, that was just for us to have for internal research. iOS and Android apps will be available at launch and Bluetooth technology will work with any Bluetooth device. We appreciate you answering!

There have been a few questions about what the Arc ear cushions will look like — the ‘doughnut’ shape in the product renderings or the triangle design in the product images. We are happy to announce the Wearhaus Arc cushions will have our unique triangle design (featured below)!

Here is just a little preview of what is brewing with our team in China. More coming soon!

If you have a friend who missed out on backing or want another Arc, pre-order sales are now open on our website! Visit

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