Wearhaus Featured Artist: Raw Fabrics

February 20, 2014

Do you smell that? It’s the familiar stench of a new band on the rise. It comes from out of nowhere but can’t be ignored and this time around it’s Los Angeles-based trio Raw Fabrics. Fresh off the release of their Gold Handcuffs EP, this band has the punk attitude and high energy performance it takes to make an impression on the road. The first single being the raucous ‘Pissin on the Dancefloor’ doesn’t hurt. We’re just saying…

New to the scene and heavy on motivation, Raw Fabrics come street cred ready with producer Stephen Street, who has lent a hand to The Smiths and Blur, supporting them in the studio. Before they hit the road in support of the new release, we got to chat with Raw Fabrics lead singer Jack B. Franco about recording in London, what exactly it means to piss on the dance floor and how you can follow along with their tour adventures.

Wearhaus: The Gold Handcuffs EP was just released. Tell us about the recording process.
Jack B. Franco: We actually went over to London and recorded it. I have some family over there and luckily they let us stay with them. It was pretty cool! It was very surreal to be over there in the first place and especially to be working with Stephen Street. When we sent him demos and he really liked them and he wanted to work with us, it was a big surprise and very exciting.

We went into the studio with a pretty solid idea of what we wanted to make and what we wanted to say in the songs. It went really well; it was an easy process in the studio.

What inspired the oh so eloquently titled ‘Pissin on the Dancefloor’?
It was one of the first songs we put together when we started the band. I wanted to take the idea and make a bigger meaning and story and make it kind of funny and simple sounding. It’s something you can listen to at a party, but it actually has a deeper meaning.

When you are at a party and you see someone who is purposely trying to be negative or not trying to go with the flow, it is kind of pissing on the dancefloor. The negative person in an exciting atmosphere. It’s that mindset of being in that mood. It’s a weird detailed way of saying that.

The music video has so much energy. Did you have a vision going into it?

We all just love to play music so performing in the video was really easy. When we have music and are behind our instruments, we feel a certain energy regardless of people being there or not. I think visually in my head, and what we talk about as a band, was just what should go with that music; the type of color scheme that fits with our energy.

You have been cranking up support and YouTube views. What is the next big move?

We are just happy to get our music out and the fact that people are checking out and supporting us is so, so amazing. it is something that we have all been wanting for so long and the next thing for us is that we just want to make more music. We are going to start working on new songs. We are going on tour with a band called Girl on Fire; just staying busy and playing live.

How do you plan on using the internet as a tool when you’re on the road?

I think personally being a music fan, I always like it when bands show their lives on the road and post pictures because it’s exciting. As a musician, you always dream of going on tour. So I think it is cool that we could like to post pictures of us playing gigs or hanging in different cities. Anything like that we want to share with our fans because I like it when bands do that.

Raw Fabrics are currently on a national tour. For dates and tickets, visit www.rawrabricsmusic.com. Follow along on their Facebook page or on Twitter @Rawfabrics.

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