Backer Update 16, Updated production timeline, shipping delayed

January 22, 2015

Hey Backers! Keeping with our commitment to be completely transparent about our production schedule, we have run into another short delay and now your Arcs won’t be shipped until February 7th, not the end of January as we originally said. Being the first run of a new product, our hope is that you fully understand the reason for this delay and allow us to take our time so we can deliver the best possible product to you.

Why We Are Delayed 

While preparing shipping logistics last week, we came across a certification issue that, in all honesty, slipped through the cracks. According to United Nations directive UN38.3, all lithium batteries must undergo rigorous safety testing before they can be shipped by air inside any electronic product. Since lithium batteries are so common – almost every portable electronics product you own (phones, laptops, etc.) contains one – UN38.3 testing is always done by the battery manufacturer, not the final assembly factory or the company designing the product.

We are using a new, non-standard thickness battery to make the most of the space inside the Arc and maximize our battery life. Because of this, the battery supplier would need to re-test and get new UN38.3 approval.

The battery company assumed we would be shipping by sea, but we want to get your headphones to you ASAP so we are shipping by air. Only after going over customs requirements last week did we notice this test was missing.

What does this mean for you? Unfortunately, a week long delay in the actual shipping of the Arc.

We’re extremely sorry to have to do this to you, especially this close to the original projected ship date.

We want to ensure that shipping will go seamlessly as we gather all backer data to send orders to our distribution center. That means you will no longer be able to change your SHIPPING ADDRESS or Arc color after Friday, Jan 23. If there are any changes to your shipping address, you can make the edit on your own through Kickstarter. If you need to make any other changes, please contact the team at SUPPORT@WEARHAUS.COM.

Here is a peek inside the factory: 

Kickstarters we love! It’s been a while since we shared a an awesome company on Kickstarter. Our friends Sugr Cube are also embracing the idea of sharing music, but with speakers. They invented intuitive user interaction for portable speakers with touch control and integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. As a result, the Sugr Cube allows you to share music wirelessly through speakers. Check out their campaign!

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