Backer Update 18- New Shipping Date

February 3, 2015

Dear backers,

Due to some issues that came up while setting up the assembly line and the upcoming Chinese New Year, we have to stretch our original week-long delay into a month. While we are very sad to deliver this news, it is overall the best decision for production. With this additional time, we can take the proper steps to create the best possible product instead of rushing production to beat the Chinese New Year.

Why did we make this decision?

During Chinese New Year, factories in China shut down for 2-4 weeks while the workers celebrate with their families. The team in China has been in a mad dash for the past month to get ahead of Chinese New Year and ship before then. Unfortunately, some manufacturing issues came up that will require an additional week for us to deal with, and as a result we won’t be able to start up the assembly line until after the factory workers return at the end of February.

What issues came up?

The main sources of the delay were related to quality control and some smaller cosmetic issues.

The aluminum accents get scratched too easily by the jigs the workers use. We weren’t able to notice this until we actually produced a few units with our assembly line processes. Our sample units had all been assembled individually by hand before then. Since the aluminum accents are such a key part of the Arc’s design, we decided to take the time to replace the gloss finish with a more scratch resistant, light-matte finish.

We use reflector stickers inside the lighting assembly to reflect the light from the LEDs and into the clear plastic diffuser that you see from the outside. Right now, the stickers aren’t lining up properly so we need to order thicker stickers, which would arrive a few days into production.

The AUX cables are just getting finished up, but we haven’t had the time to add the proper steps in the assembly line to test the cables (play/pause, mic, bend/twist). While we’re confident we’ve built reliable and durable cables, we aren’t comfortable with letting the cables go untested before putting them in the box with your Arc.

50% of the factory workforce has already returned home for the holiday and while we could force production within the small timeline before Chinese New Year, testing and quality control would not be up to our standards. We would only have time to to fully test a third of the units before the workers go on holiday, and we don’t want to risk any backers receiving Arcs that don’t work right out of the box.

Some good news

While hard to see, there is always a silver lining. We are planning to address all these issues before Chinese New Year and will be ready to hit the assembly line as soon as the factory workers return. During the time the factory is shut down, we’ll be able to focus on moving forward with the firmware and mobile apps. The sharing functionality will be more reliable, and the stretch goal for the additional lighting features (seen here: will be available at launch, instead of through a later firmware update as originally announced.

Basically, the Arc you receive will be better than the Arc you would have received without this delay!

We understand that we had already sent out a final call for address and Arc color changes but because of the delay, we can still accept these changes.

Thank You

Right now, we are projected to start shipping to you by mid-March. It’s incredibly disappointing to announce this delay, but we’re confident that it is the right decision. We are prioritizing quality with you in mind. We’d like to thank all of our backers for being so supportive throughout this entire process.

The Wearhaus Team

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