Backer Update 14- Injection molds, tooling and audio quality

February 5, 2015
Oh hello there amazing backers….

It’s been a super busy three weeks since our Kickstarter campaign ended and we have a great feeling about 2015! Nelson, Eugenio, and Sunny were joined in China by Steven, Ken and Sid to work together on final engineering tasks but that’s just the beginning.

The injection molds were completed after going through three iterations of tooling tests (T0, T1, and T2) – one more than originally planned, but worth the extra care to ensure all of Arc’s parts fit perfectly and are as durable as possible! Each iteration took about a week to pump out the plastic and aluminum parts, assemble them, run them through the testing gauntlet (thousands of cycles of bends and extensions, along with temperature, humidity, two meter drop, and Bluetooth range tests), identify any necessary fixes, and modify the molds by either grinding down or welding on new steel.

This process also allowed us to do some final fine-tuning of Arc’s audio quality. The T2 units passed all reliability and sound tests with flying colors – here are some pictures of the setup and final frequency response graph:

Thanks to your feedback, we decided to keep Arc’s original triangle pattern on the ear cushions instead of a standard doughnut shape. This design decision is purely aesthetic, there is no difference in comfort or audio quality. Internally, the memory foam is still the same shape!

The Wearhaus team owes a lot to our partners at the PCB and headphone factories, who also worked tirelessly through Christmas and New Years to help get us to where we are now.

COME TRY THE ARC! The team will be manning a booth at CES 2015 in Las Vegas January 6-9 (our first tradeshow!) which took plenty of careful planning from Gracel, Dana, and Richie. If you are in town, stop by booth #75045 at Sands Expo and demo the Arc!

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