Wearhaus Featured Artist: DJ BL3ND

February 9, 2015

DJs find their way to the turntables from all sorts of backgrounds but none crashed the scene quite as quickly as DJ BL3ND. The DJ has a massive internet following, all thanks to videos of him raging in his bedroom that went super viral. Dawning what has become his signature mask, these videos were built for sharing and the his killer mix was the perfect soundtrack.

Now DJ BL3ND is still churning out mixes, better than before thanks to all he has learned. But the man behind the mask has one thing on his mind — pleasing his fans. The BL3NDERS are a passionate bunch, giving the DJ (whose real name is unknown) a real reason to churn out mixes and tour the world. We were able to get a small peek behind the mask and chat with DJ BL3ND about why he rages so hard, his humble beginnings and what you can expect from him next.

Wearhaus: You define your music as ERM, electronic rage music, as opposed to EDM. What does the difference mean to you?
DJ BL3ND: For me, I don’t really dance to electronic music. When I listen to that sort of music, I rage and get crazy. Now, if I want to go dance, I will dance to a whole different genre of music that you can properly dance to.

Your stage show and energy are a big part of success. How do you build your live show?
Every show I do, I try to have fun all the way through. Most of my sets are an hour and thirty minutes and I keep it really energetic and fun the whole time. I don’t like to have moments of awkwardness like some of the bands you go to and there are a lot of breaks where nothing is happening and people are just staring at the DJ. That’s really boring and awkward to me. I like to keep it entertaining and as time goes on, I like to incorporate more stuff into my shows. I was bringing in fire breathers but that was a little hard to do because not every venue would allow me to have fire in my shows. It’s just a freak show because I am all about crazy stuff and incorporating weird and crazy things into my shows.

Going viral is a big part of how you made it big. Do you find it harder to be taken seriously because of that?
I came up differently than all the other DJs in the scene. I don’t even consider me one of them. I consider myself DJ BL3ND to my fans. I’m making music for them and I’m playing these shows because I am being requested at these cities. So I don’t find it hard. I’m thankful for my fans because a lot of them know me through these videos and it’s always exciting when they see me at shows.

At first, the mask was used┬áto hide your identity and now it’s grown into something bigger than that. Do you find comfort in being behind the mask?
Yeah, it is awesome being behind the mask. I am a normal person when I am at home, no one knows who I am when I go to the gym and do all that stuff. DJ BL3ND only comes out when I record music videos or when I go out and play to my fans. I think that’s awesome.

Do you ever wish that you got a more personal fame out of it?
I don’t want personal fame out of it. BL3ND is a character that I created. I am BL3ND’s biggest fan, I’m like his manager. I am behind BL3ND and BL3ND is out being himself with the mask. It wouldn’t be fun seeing me without the mask; I’m not crazy like him.

Has anyone ever pretended to be you because of the mask?
Yeah, people pretend to be me with the mask but that’s just fans. They are inspired like back in the day when I was inspired by a a lot of DJs like Daft Punk and The Bloody Beetroots and I also wanted to get their mask. I never did though, but just to have a sense and feel like I was them. I think that’s how my fans feel. I actually bring fans to the stage with me when they are wearing masks but there haven’t been many occasions of people pretending to be me.

You have gotten to travel the world as a DJ. Was that the plan?
A lot of stuff that has happened to me, none of this was in my mind. Ideally, when I became a DJ here in a LA, my goal was to be a radio station DJ and then be in the club too. That was my goal but my video went viral. I started playing outside of LA more and now I hardly play in LA. I am blessed for that and I get to travel the world and I got nominated in the DJ Mag Top 100 twice already and I never ran a campaign. So thanks to my fans, really that’s why I keep doing what I am doing I just want to keep them happy. A lot of them even have the tattoos that I have so I don’t ever want to let them down. I keep moving forward for them, the BL3NDERS.

What’s next for DJ BL3ND?
When I started out as a DJ, I had no musical knowledge. I just liked music and I liked mixing once I learned it and thankfully people liked it. Now I have been collaborating with people and they send me cool ideas. At my studio in LA, I have about 40 songs I’ve made and I’m going to pick four of them out for an EP.

For more information on DJ BL3ND, visit his official website and join his massive following on Facebook and Twitter.

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