Wearhaus Featured Artist: Jukebox the Ghost

February 16, 2015

How do you like your power pop? If you prefer a dash of soul and a charming personality in the mix, Jukebox the Ghost might be perfect for you. The Washington DC band just released their fourth LP, a self-titled journey through solid piano and guitar driven tracks.

‘On the rise’ doesn’t properly explain Jukebox the Ghost’s stance in the current music climate. They have been killing it for years, but the new album nailed them a slot on Conan, a whole new audience and a massive tour. Taking time out on the road, guitarist and singer (and doodler) Tommy Siegel took the time to chat with us about why he draws, meeting Conan and how happy they are with the new record.

Wearhaus: You post some awesome drawings from the road, aka your ‘van doodles’. What inspires you to keep them going?
Tommy Siegel: For me, it’s a great way to stay in touch with fans and entertain myself on the road. Drawing was my sole passion until I turned 13 and figured out the whole music thing. It’s nice to feel like I’m getting better at drawing for the first time in 16 years.

Great job on Conan! What was your favorite part of the experience?
Honestly, the performance in some ways was my least favorite part — and I loved doing that too! Meeting Conan was a total dream come true. I was a huge Conan fan growing up and it was wonderful to see that he’s just as funny and personable in person as he is on TV.

You are on a big tour right now. How do you deal if you get a little homesick?
I think we all have our own ways. I tend to retreat into binge-watching Star Trek. But that’s definitely just me.

SXSW is on its way. What are Jukebox the Ghost’s goals?
Honestly, I feel like SXSW is the time for managers, booking agents, and labels to scheme. For us, it’s the time where we do what we’re told and play a bunch of miniature sets in nice weather.

What’s up with the President Taft fandom?
I wouldn’t say it’s “fandom” per se. It happened when Facebook launched its “like” function and you could set up your own page. At the time, we were too lazy to write a bio so we just copied and pasted Taft’s biography from Wikipedia. At this point, it has lasted up there so long that it feels sacrilegious to change.

A lot of bands feel less jazzed about a new album by the time it comes out. What are your feelings on the new album and what will you do differently next time?
We’re all really proud of this album, hence the late-career self-titled record from us. I think the goal for the next one would just be to outdo ourselves. We have had a conversation about how much we all love ‘Hollywood’ and whether we can make a whole record like that song next time around.

For more information on Jukebox the Ghost tour dates and to buy tickets, visit their official website. Also follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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