Backer Update 22- Production update

March 17, 2015

Hey Backers! We see all of your feedback and know you are looking forward to getting your Arc! Production started on schedule last week and as you know, we were hoping to ship this week. Some things have gotten in the way and we want let you know exactly what your Arcs are up to.

Everyone felt the pinch from the Chinese New Year break and as a result, we are fighting for available time on the assembly line. We are being strong armed by some much larger clients (we won’t name them, but they would be familiar to you) and it’s a struggle each day to schedule enough assembly time – but we are muscling in and making it work!

To ensure we were able to start on time and still make steady progress, we’ve agreed to stagger different sections (parts preparation, mechanical assembly, electrical assembly/testing, packaging) as opposed to a full, uninterrupted block of time.

We also implemented more quality control and inspection steps. For example, every single Arc gets all its gesture controls tested twice (before and after assembly) and Bluetooth RF performance measured, on top of the usual sound, mechanical stress, and visual inspection.

Assembly line for the Arc's mechanical parts
Assembly line for the Arc’s mechanical parts

So let’s break everything down…

The current status of your Arcs:

  • All headbands have been assembled and inspected
  • All speaker assemblies have been finished and tested
  • All lightrings/touchpads have been finished and inspected
  • Packaging (and all box contents) passed inspection
  • PCBs are currently undergoing full re-inspecting and being prepped for final assembly

What’s next?

Once everything goes on the final assembly line, we’ll have the final, exact shipping date, at which point you’ll start receiving tracking numbers! We really, really appreciate your support now more than ever. Our backers have an amazing energy and the only right thing to do is keep you up to speed on our production process. We’ve included more pictures from the factory to give you a peek.

Oh, and our non-US backers received an email asking for your phone number. It will be needed for the international shipping process, so thanks so much for your quick responses! Click here if you missed it. This is just for non-US orders!

-The Wearhaus Team

 Aluminum accents in the process of polishing and adding adhesive

PCB (printed circuit board) testing and prep

Audio driver quality control

 Headband assembly

 Workers back and signing in after Chinese New Year

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