Backer Update 23- Finishing Production

March 27, 2015
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Hi Backers,

We read all of your feedback and can feel how eager you are to know when the Arc will be at your door.

In keeping with our commitment to transparency, we want to tell our backers exactly where we are in the production process. We waited a couple more days than normal for this weekly update so we could have more up to date information to share.
Because we’ve had to create so much new Bluetooth functionality when designing the Arc, the standard testing rigs that the factory uses don’t sufficiently test all of our features. So in January, we designed custom testing rigs to test the touch control and Bluetooth syncing.

We tested the testing rigs to make sure they worked for us, but an issue came up during preparation for final assembly that we didn’t foresee. Since our Bluetooth range is so wide, our custom Bluetooth testing rigs were causing interference. This wasn’t just a problem for us, but for the other assembly lines that are nearby. As a result, we were told we couldn’t move forward with final assembly as soon as we had expected.

We sat down with the factory to talk over a solution and decided to assemble the units in one of their other facilities where only wired headphones are assembled. Then they will be moved into a shielded room so we don’t interfere with anything else. This means moving equipment and is an abnormal process, but we were able to push it through.

Some of you might recall that in our last update, we shared information about completed testing of all the electronic boards. We are now only referring to post-final assembly testing.

The good news is that we received approval from the line managers to move forward with scheduling and we will let our backers know ASAP once a date is set. Because of our experience with delays in the past, we think it’s best to wait to receive this official information from the factory so our backers only get facts and not predictions. That’s why we haven’t released a new, official shipping date but we are working feverishly to get on the final line and announce the new date.

We should have this new information very soon and will make another announcement when that happens.

As always, we are available at if you have any questions or concerns.

Stay tuned!

-The Wearhaus Team

Wearhaus @ SXSW! We were able to demo the Arc for tons of music lovers and some of our favorite bands at this year’s South by Southwest in Austin, TX. You can learn more about our experience and watch the band interviews here. >>

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