Backer Update 25- Shipping information

April 17, 2015

Hi Backers! Everything is still on track and final assembly will begin on April 20th! Once we hit the line, we will send another update to let you know how things are moving along.

We want to clear up any confusion or rumors about our shipping order. We have two fulfillment centers, one in Hong Kong for international orders and one in Los Angeles for domestic (US) orders. We’re sending out international orders first (roughly a third) since they will take the most time to ship. Then we are air freighting the rest to our fulfillment center in LA for domestic orders.This way, backers will receive the headphones at roughly the same time.

Here is a picture taken at our Los Angeles shipping warehouse from our visit last week!

We submitted our iOS mobile app for review in the Apple Store today and we’ll send out an update when it’s available for download! Normally the process takes about a week, so it will be ready to download by the time you receive your Arcs.

The approval process for Android is much faster so we don’t need to submit as early as we do for iOS. However, we will be submitting the Android app for approval very soon and keep everyone informed as soon as you can access the app.

If you missed our app demo video, make sure to watch it here:

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