Backer Update 27: The latest information on your Arc and new pics, video

April 28, 2015

Hi Backers!

We are so happy to report that everything is going great at the factory and the Arcs are looking amazing.

There still is some work to be done but almost 1,000 units are completely assembled and the remainder will shortly follow suit — production is going very smoothly.

We are on pace to deliver tracking numbers to our international backers next Monday, May 4 and to domestic (US) backers a week after that on May 11. This is later than we announced in a previous update due to the fulfillment center being closed for two days as part of a Labour Day celebration. To reiterate, we are staggering the international and domestic backers so we can start shipping before every single unit is completed and all of our backers will get to receive the Arc at roughly the same time — international orders will take about a week longer on average for delivery.

Here are some pictures directly from the line. More to come! 
The assembly line in action
 Soldering the Micro USB plug and power button
Some of the completed Arcs off the line and ready for packaging!
Here is an awesome video from the factory. This is a compilation of all the different tests the Arc goes through at the factory including: 
  • Main PCB (circuit board) testing
  • Small boards testing
  • Basic audio test
  • Bluetooth/touch test
  • Visual inspection
  • Audio quality test‏

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