Backer Update #28: Final Stretch

April 30, 2015

Hi Backers! Everything is going great with production and packaging and we wanted to share some more pictures and progress.

International orders were officially prepped, packaged, loaded in to a truck and sent to our international fulfillment center on Tuesday. Take a look….

One of the final tests: We charge every Arc for roughly an hour to make sure the batteries are in top shape

Arcs all boxed up and secured for the ride to the fulfillment center

Here are the Arcs getting on the truck to leave the factory and head to the fulfillment center before they are shipped to you!

What’s next? The truck is headed to the Hong Kong border and needs to go through customs, but should make it to the HK fulfillment center on Monday. At that point, the shipping company will start assigning and distributing tracking numbers before your Arcs finally land at your door.

US backers, don’t worry! Production has continued nonstop while international orders were packaged and shipped. We will let you know when your orders are also packaged and sent through to Hong Kong. After that, the Arcs will head to Hong Kong for customs before being loaded onto a plane that will land in the US the very next day. Upon delivery to our Los Angeles based warehouse, tracking numbers will be assigned and the Arcs will ship soon after.
A quick note to say thanks to all of our backers for having our back. We have run into more delays than we could have imagined but your support and knowing how much you are looking forward to using the Arc has been amazing. Thank you!!
-The Wearhaus Team

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