Backer Update #32: New ‘Getting Started’ video and Android app

May 15, 2015
getting started

Hey Backers! It’s awesome to see some of the international backers enjoying their Arcs and making unboxing videos! There still are a lot of backers waiting to receive their Arcs and we’re working hard to make sure everything runs smoothly through the finish line.

If you’re an international backer and have not received a tracking number, please message us on Kickstarter or email Some orders are still going through customs and that’s why some tracking numbers are not active.

Update on Domestic Orders
The cargo is currently in Hong Kong and is scheduled to fly out Monday morning (HK time).

Our Android app is now available for download in Google Play! Use this link to get the app.

 If you have some questions about what to do when you take the Arc out of the box, take a look at our new GETTING STARTED VIDEO!

We want to give you a breakdown of all of the features available on the Arc and which of them you can use straight out of the box. As the other features become available, we will be able to push out firmware updates and continuously improve the Arc.

Features available out of the box 

  • All the basic Bluetooth headphone functions like pairing to your Bluetooth device and playing audio
  • If you have two Arcs near each other, you can sync up their audio! Connect one to an audio source like a phone or a laptop, then press and hold down the right earcup for 5 seconds to begin broadcasting. Double tap the right earcup of the second Arc to sync it to the first one.
  • Using the iOS or Android app, you have access to all of the light controls promised in our Kickstarter stretch goal! You can set the light ring to be any RGB color, any 3-color combination, pulse to the music, and match the album art of the currently playing song.
  • The touch controls are fully functional. You can use them to control playback and volume for your music. If you don’t have an iOS or Android device handy (or are already paired to another device like a laptop), you can also use the touch controls to customize the color!Check out the video here.
  • On Android, you can browse nearby Arcs that are broadcasting and join in, chat with the person you’re listening with, and bookmark songs that you’ve listened to. For iOS, those same features will be available after the first firmware update

Features In Progress/Available after firmware updateThere are a couple of bugs that we are fixing and additional features that are currently in development. We’ll have these sorted out in the next few firmware updates!

  • There’s currently a bug in our iOS app that causes a Bluetooth connection crash when using the app to share. We’ve temporarily disabled the sharing controls on the iOS app while we resolve this issue. Don’t worry, you can still broadcast/sync with other Arcs by closing the app and using the touch gestures (press and hold to broadcast/double-tap to sync to the nearest Arc).
  • Syncing with MORE THAN TWO people over Bluetooth is not quite as reliable as we’d like it to be in its current state. Now that we’ve passed through our manufacturing hurdles, we can dedicate more resources to locking down our group sharing functionality.
  • We’re starting development of active noise cancelling! We don’t have a hard timeline for you yet, but we’ll keep you posted on our progress.
  • The built-in microphone is currently not enabled so you can’t take calls on the headphones over Bluetooth yet, but it will definitely be enabled in an upcoming firmware update. Don’t worry! We include a 3.5mm AUX cable with an inline microphone that you use when the headphones are off.

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