Backer Update #33: Domestic orders have cleared customs!

May 18, 2015

Hi Backers! Just a quick note to say that the domestic orders have landed safely in the US and been cleared by customs! The units will make it to our Los Angeles fulfillment center tomorrow. Tracking numbers are already being generated and sent so that we can start shipping out as soon as the Arcs arrive at the fulfillment center.
If you have received a domestic tracking number and the address is wrong or you have any address changes to make, contact us ASAP at

Since you can see the inside of the packaging thanks to unboxing videos like this one, we want to reveal something exciting in our packaging. Don’t be in a rush to throw out your Arc box because it duals as a stand! The inner-packaging acts as a charging station and stand, check it out in this picture:

We love seeing your Instagram posts and unboxing videos! Keep them coming.

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