Wearhaus Featured Artist: DJ NYK

June 8, 2015
If you started doing anything at age 17, you would likely end up amazing at it. If you started DJing at 17, you could go on to rule the world with your talents as DJ NYK has. Born Nikhil Sahni, DJ NYK has broke through the charts with his special blend of Bollywood and EDM that appeals to a massive audience.
DJ NYK has used his mixing ability for tons of good, including a DJ school and an in depth documentary that showcases the highs and lows of the touring DJ lifestyle. The uber busy DJ was kind enough to take some time out of his schedule to chat with Wearhaus about his life as a DJ and why mixing makes the world go round.
Wearhaus: You broke out by combining Bollywood with EDM. What do you think these two genres have in common and what makes them different?
DJ NYK: I believe genres are artificial boundaries. It’s like different doors to the same house. So whether Bollywood, techno or trance, the message is dance. Everything is music at the end. However, the only difference between the two would be the language. Bollywood is limited to the Indian community worldwide whereas EDM is more globally appealing.
You are an innovator in terms of the DJ podcast. What do you like about that medium that you can’t get elsewhere?
I like the fact that on the podcast, I can playlist the music that I personally love. When your DJing live, you do not have that kind of flexibility and freedom to experiment with new songs or sounds — you usually have to stick to the charts. But the podcast is one medium where I can experiment with new sounds, playlist unheard tracks and at the same time, I can educate my listeners. So the podcast really helps in pushing the dance music scene forward.

As a DJ, you have been able to travel the world. Is that part of what keeps you going or is it draining?
Traveling around the world is extremely exciting and I consider myself lucky that god has blessed me with the opportunity. But over the years, the tour schedule has got very grueling so it has become a little draining too. Doing back to back shows with no sleep really leaves me in a very tired and exhaustive state. But the love of my fans and their appreciation of my work is what keeps me going . So for them, all the extensive traveling is worth it.
What inspired you to create your documentary, A Year in the Life of DJ NYK, and what is one major thing you learned by doing that project?
The documentary movie covers my journey through the year 2011. The shows I played , the milestones I accomplished, the people I met and the memories I made. 2011 was one of the most wonderful years of my life and I wanted to share it all with my fans.
The one major thing I learned is that creating a documentary takes an immense amount of effort and time. It took me about a year and a half to make the documentary. But at the end when the documentary movie inspires the aspiring generation, it’s all worth it. I plan to do another documentary this year about my new live concert called ‘Electronyk Show’ – An Audio Visual Spectacle with synchronized 3D visuals, typography art, state of the art lighting, staging and special effects. This new documentary will showcase how I designed the whole concept over a period of two years and what goes into every Electronyk Show preparation.
You started a DJ school called Electronyk Academy. What, besides obvious new music ability, do you think someone gets out of becoming a DJ. What changes in them?
DJing looks very glamorous but there is a lot of dedication and around the clock hard-work required. A formal DJ training makes you more technically sound and gives you the confidence needed when your playing those important gigs.
I feel learning to mix two songs seamlessly isn’t what DJing is all about. Learning to judge audience reactions and developing a sense of timing is what matters the most and that is something that a DJ learns with time and experience. What changes when you become a DJ is your lifestyle, your timing gets odd, your sleep cycle goes for a toss, you’ll be working on all the special occasions like Christmas, Diwali and New Years which you earlier celebrated with your friends and family. So there are lot of sacrifices you’ll have to make when you become a DJ.
To learn more about DJ NYK, visit his official website, Facebook and Twitter.

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