Wearhaus Featured Artist: We Were Promised Jetpacks

June 15, 2015

Some bands whittle away after one listen, but it’s the ones that stick in your gut that really matter. That’s exactly the kind of feeling you get when you listen to Scottish rockers We Were Promised Jetpacks. The lovely named band might still be waiting for future transportation, but in the meantime, at least we get to listen to their indie rock glory.

They released their third studio album, Unravelling, in October of last year and returned with the same grit and emotion that has made them a success in the states. We had the chance to chat with guitarist Michael Palmer about their take on the Scottish sound, why their new album cover looks so awesome and more.

Wearhaus: Your first show was a battle of the bands, an organic way to start and find a sound. What was the next big step that happened, where you knew your band was out of the small show circuit?
Michael Palmer: The first big step was probably when we went on our first tour. It was the first time we felt like a proper band. But in hindsight, we didn’t really do anything or act like a band in any way as we were a support band and made the headliner do all the work. Those were the days.


Being from Scotland and having traveled the world, how much does where you come from still influence your sound?
It never really has consciously. Maybe it has without us realizing it. Our sound is pretty much just us in a room together. We don’t sound all that Scottish, it’s not like we have bagpipes or play Scottish folk music or anything. But yeah, we’d probably sound different if we were all from Brooklyn, so maybe it totally does without us knowing it.

What inspired the Unravelling album cover?
We wanted something pretty colorful and something that kind of hurt your eyes when you look at it. DLT, who did the artwork, did a good job of visualizing what we were after and at the last minute we had the idea of a screaming face within the artwork and then it all came together.

You have had tons of licensing wins, from Shameless to One Tree Hill. Most bands don’t see that — what do you attribute to this specific kind of success?
Who knows? It doesn’t really seem like we’ve had that many! A few more would be nice. It’s always cool when that happens. It’s nice when someone finds something in a song that can help represent the tone they’re looking for in a TV show or movie.

How do you handle time between tours?
We’ve actually barely had any time between tours. We had one long stint when we were writing Unravelling, but even then we were away every once in a while for one offs. The tour cycle of an album is usually around two years, so it’s been pretty full-on for a while. I actually feel we’ve been pretty prolific!

For more information on We Were Promised Jetpacks, visit their official website. Also make sure to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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