Wearhaus Featured Artist: Arno Cost

June 29, 2015

Taking it easy with some chill tunes is a fun option that’s always there, but sometimes nothing will do if it doesn’t involve a beat dropping and people dancing their hardest. That’s why this week we are so excited to interview French mega DJ Arno Cost! Known for making a quick climb to the top of the charts and staying there, Arno Cost has made a name for himself by spinning in a way that relates to people around the world. Learn more about his style in our interview below!

Wearhaus: Being a French house DJ that travels the globe, are you often homesick or is the road your new home?
Arno Cost: Traveling is one of the things that come with being a DJ that I don’t really like. I like visiting other countries and seeing a lot of stuff, but I don’t really like getting from A to B. So sometimes when having a delayed flight or being tired from travel, I’m a bit homesick. But in general, I’m really blessed that I see a lot of the world with doing my job.

Arno’s latest single, ‘Coming Home’ featuring James Newman


You first released music around 2005. Did you plan on making it your career?
Of course with my first releases I was dreaming big and I hoped that people would like my music. But the music industry can be unpredictable, you never know how people will react to your music. As soon as my music got played more and more and I got more booking requests, the adventure started and I knew I had the talent and the qualities to start building my career.


How does playing shows in the United States differ from the rest of the world?
I find it hard to compare one country with the rest of the world, as every country has its own vibe and crowd. But what you see a lot in the US for festivals is that everybody goes completely crazy. There is an insane energy in the crowd, and there’s a lot of love for the music that is being played. However some clubs in the US are more focused on VIPs and people are more busy with their appearance and have less attention for the music itself, which is a shame in my opinion. There should be more dancing and jumping around in clubs!

What type of music do you listen to when you want to chill?
I’m a big movie fan, and I love to listen to music from movies. I am a rally big fan of Hans Zimmer’s work. The tracks he made for Interstellar really blow me away. So much emotion and storytelling in those tracks. I chill with his music, but at the same time, I also get a lot of inspiration from this.

The video for ‘Strong’ shows your funny side. Is that something you want to keep up in your videos? What kind of sense of humor do you have?
It’s not something specific that I want to keep in all my videos, but at that time we thought the message of the track would be better received if we use humor in the video. Beside that, when I’m with Norman and we brainstorm about concepts, most of the time we come up with something that involves comedy. Sometimes it’s cool to not be to serious and use humor to shake the world up a bit.


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