New Arc Update

July 15, 2015

Hi Wearhaus fans!

We know you are eager to receive your Arc and we appreciate your patience as we finish up production. As you might know, we ran out of circuit boards during our original production when there were about 300 more units to be completed. So we were forced to wait for more circuit boards and delay production for the last Arcs coming off the line at the factory.

Another reason for the delay is we heard about some issues Kickstarter backers were experiencing and decided to take a couple of extra weeks to make some general, small improvements in your headphones, which included making them more durable.

Everything is squared away now and we are scheduled for final production to be completed at the end of July. Shipping will begin immediately after the Arcs are finished. Also around that time, our first firmware update will be available for download.

We are making great progress with writing the firmware and can’t wait to deliver the first update! After which, there will be many more firmware updates in the pipeline. One of the amazing things about the Arc is we can push out these updates that will constantly upgrade your headphones and provide a better user experience.

Our engineering team is also making great progress on desktop apps for both Windows and Mac computers. Firmware updates will be implemented through your mobile phone for Android users and through desktop for Mac users. We will be sure to provide detailed instructions on uploading the new firmware as it rolls out.

Have you or a friend been waiting for black Arcs to be available for pre-order again? We just reopened black Arcs for pre-order! Shop at

July is clearly a huge month for us here are Wearhaus and we are stoked to give our fans the best possible listening experience. Thank you for your patience!

-The Wearhaus team

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