Wearhaus Arc product update and firmware info

August 5, 2015
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Hi All!

We want to give everyone a quick update on the final production of your Arcs and where we are with firmware.

We apologize for the delay with shipping, but know that the only reason this took more time than we originally anticipated was so we could mediate some problems Kickstarter backers have reported since receiving their Arcs. We thought it was more important to take some extra time and make the Arc more durable than to rush out a product that we knew wasn’t perfect.

While this did take some time, the good news is that a member of the Wearhaus team landed in China earlier this week to oversee final production and shipping will start immediately as units come off the line. We will send another update then, but shipping will likely start next week.

There is no denying that this is a disappointment for many pre-order backers as we had originally promised that Arcs would be shipped in July. But in the end, you will receive a better product. If the new timeline is an issue with you, please email support@wearhaus.com for help.


One of the cool things about the Arc is that you will be able to update your headphones (much like your phone or computer) with new firmware…that means new features!

New firmware updates will continuously be available, with the first one coming in about a month. We will be sure to have how-to videos and customer support to show you exactly how to successfully push firmware updates to your Arc.

To give you a peek, here is a look at the progress our team has made in delivering updates….

First firmware update: 

  • Firmware updates can be pushed out through Android, OSX and Windows (Windows apps are standalone and only for implementing firmware updates)
  • Important bug fixes for improved sharing functionality
  • Ability to plug in with AUX cable while Arc is turned on, meaning wired listening will work with features such as the light ring and sharing
  • Mobile app updates to reflect new firmware changes

Being worked on for a future updates:

  • Full microphone functionality. We’re working through the application process to get the proper Bluetooth licenses for microphone use
  • Arc battery level available in app
  • Recorded voice feedback instead of beeps as audio indicators for Arc functions
  • Active Noise Cancelling software is being written
  • Ability to tune in to a specific nearby station, as opposed to only being able to listen to the closest station
  • Continuously lowering latency from Arc-to-Arc and working on adding more and more units to sync up with

As always, we are happy to help our backers with any questions or issues you may experience and welcome all feedback at support@wearhaus.com.

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