Wearhaus Featured Artist: PHASES

August 17, 2015

PHASES are one of the hottest indie pop bands out right now and with good reason. Formed by members of past hit bands like Rilo Kiley and Phantom Planet, this formidable super-group is crushing YouTube views right now with their undeniable smash ‘I’m In Love With My Life’ (#IILWML).

Formally known as JJAMZ, PHASES recently released three new songs to major buzz, but it’s the IILWML video that’s turning heads. The vid was filmed backwards, including the band members memorizing the punched up song in reverse. They followed that up with an EP of remixes by artists like Big Data and previous Wearhaus Featured Artist JR JR.

The songs are solid, the video is hypnotizing and the remixes are showing how versatile PHASES truly is. So what’s next? Dance pop domination. We were so lucky to chat with lead singer Z Berg while she’s on the road, perfecting the PHASES performance and getting fans ready for their album. Read on to learn why your next music phase will be full of PHASES.

Wearhaus: Your new songs can easily be defined as ‘fun music’. Do you have to be in a good mood to record with that much pep? 
Z Berg: I think the air of fun/joy/levity which permeates the record is a direct product of the fun/joy/levity that characterized its inception and creation. The excitement we all felt about what we were working on, combined with the fact that we really are disturbingly close friends goes a long way to create an atmosphere.

What was the goal behind deciding to give ‘I’m In Love With My Life’ the multi-remix treatment?
It just felt like a song that could be interpreted a million different ways. What an interesting experience it is to hear what someone else would do with its bones, to hear what the inside of someone else’s’ head sounds like!

The IILWML video is pretty insane. What was it like to learn the song backwards? Do you think future videos will have similar effects or move in a different direction?
It was a fucking nightmare! I swear to god I STILL wake up singing it backwards sometimes. But it was definitely worth it. I have no idea what our next video will look like! But I’m excited to find out.

Is there anything fundamentally different between a PHASES live performance and what was a JJAMZ live performance? 
The music is so different to begin with. The PHASES record is so fun, so energetic, so dancey, so much fun to play. And it has a real cohesive vision. Come enter our world! Lose yourself a little while!

You are an indie darling super-group of sorts. Do your previous experiences dictate the PHASES attitude? Or is it all brand new?
I have a truly terrible memory, so every day it’s all brand new. It’s like 50 First Dates over here.

The debut album is coming out in September. What do you want to tell someone before they listen to it?
Hold on to your butts!

Want to see PHASES live? Check out tour dates on their official website and be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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