Why you need to bring the Wearhaus Arc to your next music festival

August 25, 2015

Music festival season is its own special cocoon of happiness. It’s not simply a time to celebrate your favorite artists of the year…the right fest gives you tons of new opportunities that are hard to ignore.

We’re music lovers, first and foremost, here at Wearhaus and we know a thing or two about taking your festy experience up a notch. One awesome thing to do for a guaranteed good time is bring your Arc!


Some of the best parts of going to a music festival:

  • Traveling- You need to get to the concert, and the journey is half the fun. Whether road-tripping with your besties or flying across the country, you get to spend quality time and maybe even become acquainted with a new city.
  • Meeting new people- Music festivals were built around the idea of meeting people through your common taste in music and lead to super strong friendships.
  • Seeing your favorite bands- When it comes down to it, music festivals are all about finally getting the chance to catch a favorite act — multiple if you’re lucky!
  • Stay connected- Using your phone to share the experience is clutch!


These are all things things that fit in perfectly with going to a music festivals, and happen to be made better with your Wearhaus Arc.

  • Traveling- The perfect chance to listen to music is on the open road. Headphones mean you won’t disturb anyone around you (and with the Arc, you can even sync up and listen together). Bonus, you can change the color of the customizable light ring to signify if you are in nap mode or want to chat.
  • Meeting new people- So you’re at a fest and find people with the same taste in music. Don’t you want to hear what else they are listening to? With the Wearhaus Arc, you can easily sync up and listen together, no matter where you are.
  • Seeing your favorite bands- …just makes you want to listen to more of their music! Lucky you, the Arc’s perfectly-tuned sound provides an amazing listening experience.
  • Stay connected- You likely have your phone out, Snapchatting your favorite festival moments. Make sure you have the Wearhaus app downloaded as well. That way, you can see what people are listening to during breaks, meet new peeps and chat with them..all with the app.

Let’s be real…the music never stops. Even between your favorite acts, you should have the Arc on hand to connect with music lovers around you.


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