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September 1, 2015

We apologize for the delay of this update as we are busy behind the scenes working with the factory to push the process forward and try to get more information before making this announcement.

As you might have seen around the internet, we ran into an issue with some of the units delivered to Kickstarter backers. A growing number were experiencing a problem with the Arc’s headband breaking and this is clearly unacceptable and unforeseen. As a result, we returned to the factory with some of the broken Arcs and worked together to find a solution to the problem.

All of these delays we are experiencing are because we absolutely didn’t want to deliver more units with easily-breakable headbands. What we didn’t expect was how long it would take to properly solve this problem including deciding what changes to make, creating a new mold and deciding on the best material as well as increased testing for each unit. As this is being typed, most of the new headbands are completed and production is ramping up.

This situation was one we were trying to avoid, but simply put; we couldn’t move forward without fixing this issue.

We want to be open in all of our communications and this is part of the growing pains of a new company. We continue to appreciate all of our pre-order customers awaiting products more than you know! Our main interest is to deliver an amazing product. We are listening to every single piece of feedback and learning as we move forward.

As always, we are available to address your concerns at Thank you so much for your support!

Note to customers who are having headband issues or other questions about your Arc: Please email and they will replace your unit or troubleshoot your issue.

-The Wearhaus Team

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