Wearhaus Featured Artist: The Jungle Giants

October 5, 2015
The Jungle Giants

Last Friday, Australia’s The Jungle Giants released their second album, Speakerzoid. It’s full of the indie pop you have grown to expect from this fun-loving, young band and likely their finest release to date. One of down under’s biggest acts, we caught up with lead singer Sam Hales while prepping for a tour in the states. He claims the best way to travel involves visiting a lot of 7/11’s, with a side helping of Christopher Meloni. Read on to learn more about Speakerzoid and what you can expect from a The Jungle Giants live show.

Poking around the internet, it looks like someone in the band has a thing for Christopher Meloni. Tell us about that.
We watch a shitload of Law and Order: SVU. Me and Cesira (Aitken, guitar)– when we are on tour and we get a half hour to chill, we just put SVU on. It’s our favorite show. And it’s funny because when I was younger, I used to think it was boring and then recently someone put it on and I have a whole new love. Christopher Meloni is a badass mother fucker. And also, Wet Hot American Summer. It’s so good and he is so good in that so yeah we are just kind of are obsessed with him. Can’t help it. He’s too good.

When you were recording Speakerzoid, what did you want to do differently from the last album?
A big thing for me was I really wanted a perfect mix of what we did on the first record, which was kind of smart pop music. I wanted to get that kind of blueprint and put extra things on it or put that blueprint in different places. So a big thing was just trying new sounds — adding different instruments to lines that would have normally just been on the guitar.

There was a big experimental idea where I had a melody for a guitar line and I was like maybe I won’t play this on the guitar, maybe I’ll play it on the flute. I guess the idea was to open up doors and expand the sound and not just be limited to a couple guitars and drums but kind of walk around the studio and say ‘What does this need?’ I was experimenting with different sounds and then tailoring that to a live set so we could kind of dynamically make the set sound huge at different places and make it ebb and flow so it wasn’t just this kind of one tonality. We wanted it to be a bit more interesting and to challenge ourselves in the studio.

That’s interesting, to think about the live show while you’re recording.
I think it helps. If you want a chorus to bang or want a bridge section to really build tension, I think the best thing to do is imagine as if you are playing it live.

Do you miss anything from back home when you are touring outside of Australia?
We don’t really miss anything, mainly it’s just fucking awesome. We really like traveling, all of us, and as a band we are all really, really close. We all went to school together so it’s kind of like you are travelling with you best friends, and then we get to play shows which is just fucking awesome.

When it comes to playing to new audiences, we just have the attitude that is like a lot of these people don’t know us so we might as well play an awesome show. And we are definitely a little touristy as well so when we play in different places, we always take as much of the day as we can to walk around and go to the nearest 7/11 and see how different it is. It’s always good times and we are really looking forward to coming to the states

You are all still very young. What does the future hold?
We really want to grow and do way more things and the main thing is, we want to do it together and we want to do it within Jungle Giants. So the big thing for us is we really want to challenge ourselves with every record and we don’t just want to do the same record every time. That’s big for us in terms of growth, in terms of longevity of a career. We really want to push ourselves and bring our fans with us. I’m 22 now, we’ve made 2 albums and we just want to make like 10 albums and see where it ends up.

You put a preview of Speakerzoid up on Spotify before the release. Why?
It’s just a sign of the times. everybody is on streaming. It’s the craziest thing. Everybody is streaming. Five years ago, even three years ago, there were half as many people streaming. I’m a total streamer. We know how many people are on Spotify and how they just like to listen to music there so we might as well put it there and preview the album for them because if you are not taking into account how many people love streaming, then you are kind of kidding yourself.
Want to see The Jungle Giants live? Check out tour dates on their official website and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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