Shipping and Firmware Updates

October 6, 2015

Hi backers and pre-orders,

While we apologize for the delay in production, the good news is that your Arc is fully assembled and going through final quality control testing.

As mentioned in the last backer update, we ran into a snag because of the issue some users were experiencing with faulty headbands. Solving this problem permanently took longer than expected. The result though is a much sturdier Arc and an improved listening experience.

We unfortunately ran into one last hurdle. Right as the Arcs were finished, China was celebrating a national holiday which means factory workers took some time off.

As of now, Arcs are set to leave the factory next week. We will send a new update when we receive specific dates from our fulfillment centers.

As always, we are available at if you have any questions or concerns about your order.

The Latest on Firmware

Our engineering team is working hard on testing the first firmware update, which should be available by next week. We will also have explicit firmware installation instructions available for Android, iOS and Windows users.

What is on the first update?

  • Wired listening now works with the Arc turned on. This means you are able to use the light ring and sharing functions while using wired listening. Perfect for DJs! You will be able to plug your Arc’s AUX cable into any audio device and share.
  • Fixed color ring bug for Android users where the in-app color picker was defaulting to red
  • Arc battery level reporting and low battery notifications available through app

The firmware updates that will follow after the first one will deliver a fully enabled iOS app and the ability to choose who you sync with (instead of it being based on who is closest). We are currently in the process of acquiring the license to enable the built-in, wireless microphone. After that, there will be an update that will allow use of the microphone for calls, etc. After the microphone update, active noise cancelling will follow. While implementing ANC has taken longer than originally announced, it is in the works.

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