Wearhaus Featured Artist: FIDLAR

October 19, 2015

Few bands epitomize the new punk sound better than LA’s FIDLAR. There is no question that the four-piece rockers riff hard and they’re known for a wild live show. But if there is one thing that FIDLAR know how to do besides write hypnotic, relateable punk songs…it’s have fun. Their carefree attitude is shown in their legit music videos and recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

FIDLAR’s new record Too came out in September and the gang hit the road ASAP. We caught up with lead guitarist Elvis Kuehn to learn more about keeping life on the road fun, how Ron Swanson became a close family friends and more about that LA life.

Wearhaus: You were just on Jimmy Kimmel Live! How was that experience different than a show on the road?
Elvis Kuehn: We basically approached it the same way as our last live show. It was weird though because it was a studio audience and no one knew our music except for a couple friends we had there, girlfriends and family. The audience doesn’t know the music so it’s not the same as being at a show where you have fans.

The ’40oz On Repeat’ video is bonkers in the best way possible. How did you guys come up with the idea?
Well that came about from Zac’s [Carper, guitar and vocals] brother-in-law Ryan Baxley and he has directed pretty much all of our videos so far and this idea came to him while watching music videos. He just thought it would be funny to parody and pay homage to the TRL era of music videos and the whole idea was like, we’ll get some money from the label and shoot it really well but build things out of cardboard and construction paper so it kind of gives it this trashy feel. But every idea that he has had in the past, we are always wondering if he can pull it off and then it ends up being amazing.

The video for ‘Cocaine’ featured Nick Offerman, which is kind of a big deal. How did you get connected?
He’s a family friend. He’s actually an old friend of my dad’s because my dad used to play music with Megan Mullally, his wife. They used to be in a band together and so we have known him from before, back when he was the boyfriend of Megan Mullally. He wasn’t on Parks and Recreation back then and Megan was kind of the big star and now he has blown up as Ron Swanson. They’re hilarious. I did a couple shows with Nick, he did a solo comedy show and I played a couple songs with him and Megan would come out and sing so yeah they are a really funny couple.

It seems like pop culture is definitely important to the band. You also do movie parodies every week on Instagram with hastag #matineemonday. Do you think it comes from being rooted in Los Angeles?
I don’t know if it necessarily has to do with being in LA. We all just enjoy movies. Brandon [Schwartzel, bass] facilitates most of those and he’s a big movie buff but he likes kind of all types of movies but he’s really into cheesy action movies and stuff like that. He comes up with different ideas for movies to parody. It’s all mostly movies that we all loved from our childhood but it’s all over the place actually. It’s more indicated based on where we are geographically. Like in a van, we did Speed or when we were in Philly, we tried to do the Rocky steps. Brandon was going to run, them but didn’t get to.

What do you think LA has given you as a band that you might not have gotten if you came up in a different city?
There are just a lot of bands and a lot of music going on in LA so it’s a good place to be because you can play a lot of different venues, you can play in front of a lot of different people and a majority of the music industry is there. I guess being in LA is how we were able to get a manager and get on a label and all that kind of stuff. We were able to get to the place we are now definitely from playing those shows in LA.

Want to catch FIDLAR live? Keep an eye on tour dates on their official website and be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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