Crowdfunding Spotlight: Personal Transportation

October 23, 2015

When it comes to tech innovations, few industries are seeing rapid changes quite like personal transportation. Moving around is oh so hot right now and the innovations aren’t slowing down any time soon. We want to shine a light on some of these exciting transportation advancements, not only because they show how creative our world can be, but because the Wearhaus Arc is a popular headphone choice when on the road or in public transportation. With the Arc, unlike other headphones, you can sync up what you are listening to with nearby friends, making that subway ride more social than ever before.

Currently in the crowdfunding or pre-order phase, learn more about some new, sweet rides before they become a part of your life.


ZBoard 2

The ZBoard 2 is the lightest, fastest, longest running weight-sensing electric skateboard ever. Founder Ben Forman is no stranger to the crowdfunding world, having brought the original ZBoard to inception with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

San Francisco-based, the ZBoard 2 crew has spent serious energy creating the slimmest, most effective electric skateboard to date. Learn more and pre-order.



While MiFold might not actually be on wheels, it’s a revolutinary upgrade on one of the most important safety accesories used in cars: booster seats. Booster seats raise a child higher in the car to improve the position and adjust the angle of the shoulder belt. The MiFold is a more advanced booster seat that is 1/10th the original’s size without loosing any of the crucial safety elements. It’s small enough for kids to carry around, making it an incredible leap in safety. Learn more and pre-order.



Electric bikes are a mainstay when it comes to personal transportation but with one major flaw, the price point. While there is huge interest in riding a bike long distance using the ease of a motor, electric bikes were very expensive…until now. Sondors went back to the drawing board and came back with an incredible, two-wheeled, electric device that comes in at a mere $499. This could change everything. Learn more and pre-order.



Transportation has achieved so much awesomeness that even standing still has gotten an upgrade. LeanChair is just like it sounds, not quite sitting, not quite standing. We have all been bombarded with facts about how unhealthy sitting all day can be, but that doesn’t make standing for eight hours any easier. The LeanChair is your perfect medium, getting your body out of the sitting position but allowing enough relaxation to be able to maintain all day. Get your lean on! Learn more and pre-order.

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