Crowdfunding Spotlight: Smartphone Accessories

November 10, 2015

There’s no doubt that we all love our smartphones. One of the coolest things about this new technology is all the great minds who are consistently creating new apps and accessories to take your phone to the next level. Many of the hottest accessories are crowdfunded and we want to support these creative thinkers.

Where the Wearhaus Arc syncs up with your phone, taking advantage of Bluetooth technology and our companion mobile app to create a seamless listening experience, these exciting companies are working hard on the outside of your phone. Check them out.



Cases come in all shapes and colors (literally) but we were blown away the first time we saw the Loopy in action. Not only does it significantly decrease the chances of ever dropping your smartphone again, but it also makes it so you can easily lift your phone with just your pinky. The Loopy seems like a small change to your basic case at first until you see all the benefits packed into the little loop. Learn more and pre-order.


Phone Drone Ethos


Does your phone get mad air? It can now! Drones are an awesome way to get a view from the top and now your smartphone can be the pilot. The Phone Drone Ethos by xCraft is a remarkable device that gives your smartphone wings, allowing you to deploy your iPhone or Android phone as an autonomous aerial camera. Using the sensor, processor, camera and wireless capabilities of your smartphone, this drone completely transforms every idea you had about what your phone is capable of. Learn more and pre-order.


IronWire by Echo


Ever notice that your pesky phone charging cable keeps on breaking? Have trouble accidentally buying uncertified iPhone cables? Worry no more. Echo has developed the strongest, licensed cable at the most affordable price. Oh, did we mention it is strong enough to pull a car? The lifetime guarantee on this killer cable takes it to the next level. We’re feeling charged up. Learn more and pre-order.

thing charger

Keeping all of your devices charged is a way of life, but the classic outlet just isn’t cutting it any more. thingCHARGER is elevating your charging game by making the experience stylish and giving you an elegant new way to charge all of your things. The possibilities for what you’re charging are truly endless due to their interchangeable tips and ‘invisible’ design. Learn more and pre-order. 

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