Crowdfunding Spotlight: IronWire by Echo Products

December 8, 2015
Our smartphones are precious and keeping them charged shouldn’t be a hassle. But the basic charging cable that comes with your phone leaves a lot to be desired. That’s why we were so stoked to see the team at Echo Products take the charging cable back to the drawing board. They came back with IronWire, a $10 lifetime, Apple licensed cable that can pull a car.
Just like the Wearhaus Arc is changing the headphone market, the IronWire is bringing much needed innovation to the charging cable space. We chatted with Marketing Manager Ollie White to learn more about their vision and crowdfunding experience.
Wearhaus: How did you come up with the idea?
Like all of our products, the inspiration for the idea comes from personal experience. I, like most of our team, were getting fed up of spending £20 GBP ($30 USD) on a licensed iPhone cable which can’t seem to last longer than a couple of months. Either the cable damages when twisted or pulled, or more commonly, the connector breaks. We wanted to create a cable that could withstand the general wear and tear of everyday life, it just turned out that it was actually strong enough to tow a car…..ooops. We also wanted the phone cable to be longer than usual and tangle free.
Making a better cable is a great idea. But what motivated you to make it truly amazing (ie price point, lifetime guarantee)?
Well as soon as we realized we could make it strong enough to tow a car, we knew we could offer a lifetime warranty for it. It’s a statement more than anything. Well made, premium products should be able to last you forever. It’s the way it should be with most things. Exclusively for Indiegogo, we were providing the IronWire for cost price. There is no profit for us with IronWire, but now people know about Echo and have seen the quality of our products, so when we launch our exciting new products next year, it will be from a brand people are already aware of.
What’s your teams unfair advantage?

Our team is made up of creative people from diverse backgrounds, all of whom bring something very unique to the company. We have ex pop-stars, tech guru’s and film genius’s all working behind the scenes at the Echo HQ and bouncing ideas for everything from product ideas to marketing techniques. Our new products merge the lifestyle and technology markets and will help set us apart from any other technology brand. We are excited for 2016!

Why did you decide to crowdfund?
Crowdfunding is a great way to establish market demand for a product. You can test the market for an idea and see whether it is something that people want without fronting tens of thousands of dollars on producing something people might not actually like or need. A crowdfunding campaign is also incredibly exciting thing to be apart off. It tests your company’s marketing skills and to be successful you have to think well outside the box.
We saw you did a pop up shop, what was the goal? 
The goal was similar to that of Indiegogo – brand awareness. We are a new company with a lot of products launching so we are being as proactive as possible and getting the brand and our ideas out there. We got a lot of press from London publications because of our pop up presence which was great. As a result we are being referred to as “London’s mobile centric tech company” – catchy ;).
What’s the biggest manufacturing challenge you have run into?
Definitely securing MFi certification. For all Apple products you need to get a license for them to work, this is pretty hard but we managed to do this for all of our products. The hardest was for the Connect key and the PowerConnect Dual because both have a dual connector where the Apple lightning connector sit right next to their competitors – micro USB. We charmed them….


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