Bass Lounge: A Sensory Music Experience Recap

January 27, 2016

Wearhaus is at the forefront of the emerging music tech scene in San Francisco and we had the honor of teaming up with two nearby, music-focused companies also creating amazing products and develop a tactile listening experience like you have never seen (or heard) before.

While the Wearhaus Arc has the ability to sync up with multiple nearby headphones, our Bluetooth headphones can also be plugged in and work in conjunction with other hardware.

We showcased our product along with the SubPac, a wearable subwoofer that lets you physically feel the base and Crossfader, the world’s easiest DJ app. Together, we partnered for an epic two days of popup demo time at Bespoke, an incredible retail and technology community in the Westfield Centre, smack in the middle of downtown San Francisco.

If you weren’t able to join the party, here’s what you missed…

SubPac moves people closer to music through innovative, immersive audio technology. For this demo, we worked with the SubPac M2, a powerful and accurate bass and sub bass monitoring in a wearable form factor that is quiet to the outside world. That means you pair your headphones and music to the M2, wear it like a backpack and instantly feel the bass in sync with your music, transporting simple listening into a full sensory music experience.

Crossfader is a mobile DJing system in the palm of your hand that’s so easy to use, even your grandma can do it. Remixing and creating mashups gets a mobile twist because how you move your iPhone determines how the music mixes together. Flip through your favorite songs and even broadcast a live DJ set through the app.

All three companies coming together for the SF Weekly-featured Bass Lounge meant passersby could test all three of our products at the same time. We loved seeing the reactions of shoppers switching their day up and stepping into a sensory music demo. Check out the video below and awesome pictures taken by Joe Lee!

Be sure to keep an eye on SubPac and Crossfader and don’t forget to join the Wearhaus mailing list now to learn about our next amazing event.

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