Wearhaus Featured Artist: Ruth B

March 7, 2016
ruth b

It’s no secret that Vine is a place for singers to share their talents, but Ruth B doesn’t really fall into that category. She got started on Vine the same way we all do, to have fun and post about her life. When she went out on a limb and sang one day, the reaction and fandom was instant.

This soon led to her posting an original lyric that received so much attention, she was pressured into writing a full song. That song became ‘Lost Boy’, a bonafide hit that started her on a path to the singer/songwriter life.

Ruth B (real name Ruth Berhe) is on her way to super stardom and heavy radio rotation after an appearance on The Today Show — and did we mention ‘Lost Boy’ has already garnered over 40 million Spotify spins? Learn a little bit more about Ruth B’s quick rise…

Wearhaus: ‘Lost Boy’ was the first song you wrote, but not the first time you wrote. What were you writing beforehand?
Ruth B: I’ve always been into writing short stories and poetry. I’m a huge reader so that played a huge role in my life as far as being creative goes.

You wrote the first two lines of ‘Lost Boy’, but it was awhile before you turned it into a full song. How has your songwriting process changed since then?
Songwriting has become a very prominent part of my life. Nowadays, it’s always going on in my head. The everyday experiences of life are what inspire me to write. I don’t ever really sit down now to ‘write a song’. It’s not as formal anymore.

As the song racked up thousands of listens and record companies started getting in touch with you, what was that moment like? Who around you did you reach out to for guidance?
It was a very exciting time! It was cool to see that people in the business actually saw something in my music, but it was also overwhelming. It was really great to have the support of my parents; their guidance helped me make all the best choices.

It looks like touring is your next big step. How are you preparing to take your songs in front of a live audience?
I’m so excited! Watching people experience my songs in real life is so humbling. I just want to continue giving honest performances, straight from the heart.

The Intro EP was recorded in only two days. What were those two days like?
Recording the EP was a lot of fun. I had written the four songs back home in Edmonton so it was a really easy and fun two days. I especially enjoyed recording late into the night with some candles lit; it set the tone.

Your career has grown at an astounding rate. Where do you think you will be a year from now?
It really has been fun! I hope that I’m still making music that matters to me. That is my main goal through all of this.

If you had to guess, what’s the next big social media network/trend? How do you see social media growing?
I’m not sure what the next big trend is but I think social media is great! It can get a voice from Edmonton recognized and that’s pretty awesome.

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