Wearhaus Featured Artist: Maszer

April 25, 2016

Musicians that can never stop creating are our favorite kind; that’s why Maszer has been on our radar. The trio is made up of superstars that have opened for Black Sabbath and the Pixies, mixed with soothing, Rilo Kiley-style vocals via lead singer Katie Blackstock.

The support of their local scene is as exciting as their new Dreamsz EP. David Rapaport (aka STITCX) landed in the United States ten years ago from Israel, and got so much support when touring through Seattle that he decided to make it his home. Now the band is giving back to the community that originally embraced Rapaport by donating 10% of the EP’s profits back to the Seattle music scene. But that’s not the only amazing thing about the EP. Read on to see why…


Wearhaus: You are a fairly new band, but you are already taking the time to create an eye-popping and consistent aesthetic through your band logo, flyers, etc. Where did that inspiration come from?
David Rapaport: With Maszer, we are lucky to have our in house artist, [vocalist] Katie [Blackstock]. She has been drawing for many years and it just goes so well with the music that we do. It was natural to use her artwork for most of our designs. It is very important, I think, to have the band’s music connected to some visual aspect and we do that at our live shows, too. When we can, we have artwork projected on us while we play. It’s more fun for us, more fun for the crowd, and creates an experience to remember longer.

What was the recording process for the new EP like and how did you decide which songs made the cut?
Joseph [Braley, drums] and I were touring the past few years all over the world. When you come back home and you are off tour, there is this void that musicians know very well. You go from travelling around and playing shows with lots of people, then you are back in your bedroom by yourself and there is a void. And then music comes to your health and saves you from yourself.

That’s kind of what happened to me. I went in to my studio, which I call ‘the band cave’, and I just let loose and spent as much time as I could there, which usually was all the way until the sun came down. I was just working on songs and writing and I came out with a lot of songs.

Then you have to choose what you want to move forward with. We had so many songs that we already know what our next project is going to be. To write a song could be a minute, it could be two weeks. But then to record it, it takes months and it’s much more complicated to make it sound the way you want it to sound.

There are grooves on the surface of your physical CD so it can also be played like vinyl on a record player. Umm…that’s amazing. Tell us more.
They can etch the grooves on a lot of things. Each one is handmade. With the EP, obviously we want to go digital, but we did want to have physical release as well. The record is too long for a 7 inch vinyl, too short for a 12 inch. Then we thought, ‘Oh wow! A CD that can also be played on a turntable.’ A four song EP was what we were planning, but we added the fifth song. But it only plays if you put the CD on a turntable! It’s pretty cool.

You are donating 10% of the EP’s profits back into the local music scene in Seattle. Expand on that.
We are all socially minded. It’s a Seattle thing, too. When we first got there, people support each other and help each other just because. Our first time touring through Seattle, people went out of their way to help us, this band from out of the country. It got to where we eventually moved to Seattle because of that.

There are two main avenues that we are thinking about. One is helping our local community first. There is also an organization called Music-Care that helps musicians with different things, usually medical needs or something like that.

That’s important because, especially these days, it’s getting harder and harder for musicians to survive. I really hope that Maszer will be in the place where we can help people and help art. It seems like a lot of artforms or bands that should be out there can’t get there without some commercial backing. And even us as a starting band, it’s really hard unless somebody comes in and helps you out and puts it out there and gets you on tour. It’s an amazing thing. Somebody did it for us and really appreciate it and we just want to pay it forward and do it for other people.

Purchase the Dreamsz EP that plays as a CD and on a turntable by clicking here.

To keep up on Maszer, check out their official website, Facebook and Instagram.

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