Wearhaus Featured Artist: QUIX

May 23, 2016
EDM artists are full of energy and passion for creating the perfect drop. We love how this music connects with the fans more than most genres, at live shows as well as parties. To get to the core of becoming a well known DJ, we chat with New Zealand up-and-comer QUIX. With a little boost from well known artists like RL Grime, QUIX has taken to the scene, well…with the quickness.
The insight into his mixing process and take on live shows are the things that bass head dreams are made of.

Wearhaus: Tell us about how you got your start as an EDM artist.
QUIX: Until I was about 15 years old, I thought DJing was for idiots that wanted to be a professional iTunes controller, so becoming an EDM artist wasn’t exactly on my radar. I genuinely loved music. Started playing drums at 9 years old and picked up bass and guitar couple years later. A friend of mine gave me a copy of Fruity loops 9, and that was really the beginning of my adventure into the EDM scene.

Pre-fruity loops, I loved writing hardcore metal with my mates in school so ‘writing music’ easily crossed into creating rhythms and melodies within fruity loops, helping me develop my creativity. In a way, it was a very slow start for me as I found it hard to get my head around audio engineering i.e. compression and EQ. This limited (pun not intended!) my ability to produce a sufficient sound that hit hard and sounded good. However, in this time of struggling to get a good sounding mix, I was able to grow my creative mind and this is something that has helped me become different from others.

You had a song premiere at Coachella. Was that expected or a surprise? What was that experience like?
Yes this has got to be one of the best things this year for me. RL Grime playing my collaboration with Boombox Cartel, Mr. Carmack playing my remix of his track uppers w/ Stooki and Baauer also dropping my new release through Daruma “Influences”. I did expect to hear my songs played by the above artists as they have been supporting my music for a little while now although, it was the fact that it was Coachella that my music was played at. I understand that an artist playing at Coachella has a very select tracklist that they prepare months in advance so to be chosen is an unreal feeling. When listening back to the audio rips of Coachella, I sometimes bring myself back to my bedroom and remember how I made that particular sound or sample. I just can’t believe that it’s being played in front of such a large audience!

󾟹RL Grime dropping our unreleased collab with Quix @ Coachella󾟹



What are your favorite live shows to play? Smaller clubs? Big festivals?
Well the only festival I’ve played so far was Rhythm N’ Vines which is a New Zealand event so I’m looking forward to playing more festivals in the future. Obviously, massive shows are the ideal for every artist/DJ and I would agree. However, the best shows are when people in the crowd are throwing down and having the best time of their lives. I would take a smaller venue/club show with massive bass head fans rather than a large big roomed event with a dead crowd that only wants to hear house music.

What motivates you to collaborate with other artists and how does that process work?
The motivation has few purposes behind it. One is the fact of bringing together two unique sounds to create something new. Second could be an opportunity to increase your brand and yourself as a DJ/producer. For me personally, I commonly send back and forth stems as I work in Fl Studio and a lot of my friends work in Ableton! Working together is fun but I feel like every time I’ve been in the studio with a friend, little productivity gets done. However while collaborating, working by yourself can benefit you in your creative space and time to think. Obviously you need to communicate vision and purpose while collaborating, but I find it most effective working separately.

You’re based in New Zealand but travelling comes with being an EDM artist. How does the New Zealand EDM scene and fans compare to what else you have seen?
Yes I’m excited to travel and see the world! The NZ scene is different to the common EDM with pros and cons. I guess NZ is very picky on what music tastes we enjoy in terms of EDM music. We always enjoy the mainstream EDM DJs that come through no doubt, although it’s when smaller DJ/producers come through there can be a problem. For example, we had Herobust come through and no one showed up! He is a well-respected DJ/producer in the EDM scene but 3 other (mainstream) clubs around Herobusts’ show were packed. I guess NZ isn’t the right market sometimes to bring artists through however I feel like the NZ scene has the ability to adapt and change.

What are your big goals for the year?
To do more shows! Also release my EP I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s currently in the process of getting mastered.

What is the perfect setting to listen to your music in?
Great question! There are so many. I feel like EDM can only be fully experienced in a packed club or festival, this is because the full effect of EDM is being shown and while at a show, there are a few key elements that make up why EDM has taken off. Firstly the bass – not everyone in the bedroom has access to a large sub they can feel vibrating through their chest. Hearing/feeling the low end bass will show the full spectrum of the EQ band, bringing out the full potential mix of the track. However, when listening to the same song on SoundCloud or whatever, the energy fullness of the mix cannot be fully experienced. Commonly at big EDM shows, you can walk away feeling inspired and motivated to go home and write your own drops because you’ve encountered what was the intended sound of the mix. Apart from that, I love listening to songs while I drive because I have a big sub in my car and I throw down while driving to work at 7am!

Listen to QUIX on SoundCloud and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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