Wearhaus Featured Artist: Lost Kings

June 2, 2016
Lost Kings

When it comes to EDM freshies, the finest purveyors are Robert Gainley and Dr. No. Collectively known as Lost Kings, this DJ duo is based out of Los Angeles but their remixes take the whole world by storm on a regular basis.

To figure out what makes their mixes so tasty, we sat down for a quick chat with the rulers of EDM, Lost Kings.

Wearhaus: You both hail from the east coast. Now that you’re LA-based, what are some habits or lessons you took from the east coast that still stick with you?
Lost Kings: I think coming from the east coast, we are used to bad/depressing weather for months on end. So now that we are in LA and it’s always sunny, it puts us in such a good mood and that reflects in our music.

Now that you are settled in LA, what are your favorite things about creating there?
Everything, the weather, the vibe, tacos, and tequila.

How do you approach originals and remixes differently?
The approach is always the same and it usually starts off with a sound or chord progression. The best part to me when creating a song (remix or original) is the initial start.

You count Coldplay and Kings of Leon as bands you love/are inspired by. Not what you expect to hear from EDM artists. How specifically has their music influenced you?
So my (Rob) inspirations are Coldplay and Kings of Leon because of how they have been able to adapt and reinvent themselves to always stay relevant. Also, the way Coldplay performs and puts everything into their show is something we aspire to do. I love their music but it’s other things that I find inspiration in as well.
My (Dr. No) most constant inspiration has always been Kanye but I’m always getting inspired by new, upcoming artists I’m hearing. Mura Masa is one of them right now, he’s putting out dope shit.

Any plans to include live instruments in your shows?
100% when the times right we are definitely gonna include some live instruments. We both play instruments, so it will definitely happen.

Pop and dance music are merging now much more than in years past. Tell us why you think that is happening and what is to come down the road.
People want to feel good and with all the craziness and sadness in the world, I think dance music has always been a great escape and release for people. I think the genre lines are being blurred because artists are tired of being put in a box. I think pop music is going to be a melting pot of all genres in a few years.

What are your big goals for the year?
To keep growing, and to keep pushing the boundaries.

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