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June 8, 2016

Wearhaus fans are familiar with Mixathon48. It’s a condensed, 48-hour music hackathon and one of the most exciting music production competitions around.

We want to keep the momentum going so we chatted with second place winner TGOT and third place winner BEAUZ about their experience.

TGOT is currently working on a collaboration with Jonny Rose (Vicetone’s “Stars”; Dash Berlin & DubVision’s “Yesterday is Gone”). BEAUZ says each of their tracks tell a story of their own. Through those stories, they hope to reach out to people and make a difference.

Learn more about these up and coming producers!

How did you find out about Mixathon48?
TGOT: I stumbled upon Mixathon48 through an article in music magazine Your EDM. I was excited because I had never seen anything like it. Of course there are remix competitions all over the place, but this was one that had a deadline within 48 hours of the stems being published. It was my first time participating and it looked really exciting.

BEAUZ: We heard about the contest through a friend’s recommendation. We met Nicholas Yiu, the founder of the contest, a year ago with couple other guys and upon knowing he founded the contest, our common friends notified us of the event.

What were your first thoughts when you discovered what it was all about?
TGOT: I couldn’t believe my eyes because it was literally a “hackathon for producers.” I staffed and promoted hackathons in my school. It was very similar to those hackathons and I thought that I could be a participant rather than just a promoter. Hearing about this event made me hyped for the competition itself and the future of remix competitions. The fact that anyone in the world, not just in one classroom, could participate amazed me.

BEAUZ: The concept of the contest sounded really interesting. 48 hours is definitely a long enough of time to do a comprehensive showcase of the artists’ musicality and artistic direction. However, we never really challenged ourselves based on time restriction, so we were excited to see where our creativity would take us in our creative atmosphere.

Hear TGOT’s Mixathon48 song:

What were some of the unique challenges that you faced in the program? How was this different from your normal production process?
TGOT: When I heard the stems, I found them somewhat challenging to work with due to their contrast. Two of the three stems were recordings of a beatboxer, while the third was a vocal that seemed to have only a hook, so I had to be able to put together an abstract piece.

I typically make house music, yet my track for the event was totally different. I’m not afraid to step into other genres, especially when it comes to competitions because I like to think that the judges would look for something totally different than what is expected. At the time of the competition, I had been listening to a lot of future bass songs and took influences from Grey, Jack U, Boombox Cartel, and more. I edited and sped up the stems and fused those influences into the song.

BEAUZ: One of the challenges we came across was to deciding which initial direction we should take. We enjoy making a multitude of different genres and we certainly like challenging ourselves by fusing those genres together. It’s not so much of a challenge after the idea starts to come along though, the workflow naturally takes us where we want to be.

Hear BEAUZ’s Mixathon48 song:

Was there anything you learned from your experience participating in Mixathon48 that you can apply to future productions?
TGOT: This piece I made was probably my most creative track I’ve made so far, and I think that I’ll definitely be experimenting with sound design in my future tracks. Also, I’ve learned to get out of the “listen-on-repeat” loop that occurs when I feel that I’ve made something that’s pretty cool.

BEAUZ: We learned that an idea can be translated hundreds of different ways, and it is the matter of your musical experience and style that define the quality of your production. we saw a lot of other dope artists with unique ideas and that drove us to want to distinctly identify ourselves. It was a unique experience that taught us to not be scared to explore our sounds beyond comfort zones.

Would you participate in a Mixathon48 event again?
TGOT: Definitely. The experience was satisfying and I look forward to hearing what other competitors can come up with using contrasting stems.  I’ll definitely share the event with my friends so they can boost their production skills alongside me.

BEAUZ: Yes! We would like to see from time to time how we have grown in progress through comparison. It is also a great way to meet other talented artists out there.


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