Wearhaus Featured Artist: Esmé Patterson

June 10, 2016

It’s summer which is the perfect playlist season. Esmé Patterson’s new full length album comes out today and is already showing up big on major playlists and indie fans are rejoicing. With Joplin-esque vocals and an outdoorsy feel, Patterson is sure to give your summer a musical breeze.

Wearhaus: Tour is kicking off soon. How have you been preparing and what songs/ideas on stage have grown to define your performance?
Esmé Patterson: I can’t wait to go back out on the road with my new album available! I am so proud of how the whole thing turned out, but translating those arrangements to a live setting has been a bit of a fun challenge. I feel like the live show is getting louder and gnarlier than the record; really digging in and letting loose.

What kind of music were you listening to when recording We Were Wild?
I don’t listen to much music while I’m recording. I like to keep my sphere of influence as clear and original as possible. If I do listen to music, it’s something atonal or classical or jazz music, without words.

How did Denver’s music scene shape you that wouldn’t have happened anywhere else?
Denver is a great place to start a band, or I guess it used to be 10 years ago when artists could afford to live there. The community is very accepting and inclusive, the scene will give anybody a chance, and that means a lot when you’re just starting out and wondering if you can handle the crushing fear of being vulnerable in front of strangers.

It seems like nature plays into your lyrics, visually. How does it play into your real life and what makes you want to incorporate that into your music?
A question like that is kind of funny to me, asking how nature plays into my life. We are nature, we are animals, creatures of the earth, we are not separate from nature though we often forget this. I tend to try to write about the distillation of experience, the core of feeling and thinking and being, and often find the earth, the mountains, the ocean, the sky to be inseparable from my feelings and existence, everything is connected.

It feels like there is a new genre emerging that might not all sound the same, but women with a message, more DIY, less mainstream. Have you noticed that? Where do you think you fit into that scene and also modern music as a whole?
Women making music is not a genre. Women should be respected for the work they do rather than for the fact that they are female humans who happen to be making art that happens to say something. We need to get past this gender-vision! And it should also not be remarkable that female artists have a message in their work. Everyone does. “Women with something to say” is not a genre.

What should someone know about you before listening to the record?
When I was being born my heart stopped beating and I literally died. They had an emergency c-section and pulled me out in time to start my heart again and here I am. I feel like dying while I was being born has shaped who I am and the work that I make more than any other event in my life.

Check out Esmé Patterson’s official website for tour dates and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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