Wearhaus Featured Artist: Savoir Adore

June 20, 2016

Savoir Adore are a GIANT band. Fronted by long time, super talented musician Paul Hammer, the band has been making hits since an sonically experimental weekend in 2008. Hammer’s melodies and vocals playing off a female lead create fantasy rock that will stand the test of time.

Known for massive songs like ‘Dreamers’ and the new hit ‘Giants’, Savoir Adore made a splash in Austin for SXSW (after they finally got there, flat tire and all). Learn more about their new music and vision below.


Wearhaus Interview: Savoir AdoreChances are pretty good you’ve heard Savoir Adore’s ‘Giants’ on one of your favorite shows or playlists. We find out how the song got written, the evolution of the band and more in this revealing interview from SXSW.

Posted by Wearhaus Inc. on Monday, June 20, 2016


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Giants remixes on Spotify now!



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