Wearhaus Featured Artist: Elysium

September 8, 2016

We’re always paying attention to Mixathon48 and the artists that take part in the competition. The 48-hour music hackathon is brimming with talent and past winners are still in our playlist rotation. The third iteration of this musical race to the finish was no different. We chatted with first place winner Jonasz aka Elysium to learn more about his producing journey. Find out what he thinks of Mixathon48 and hear his winning track below…

How did you find out about Mixathon48?
A friend of mine, Brian Wang (Rosendale), was a vocal stem contributor and he told me about it. At first, I thought I couldn’t make a track in that short amount of time. Then I just told myself that I should try…maybe it would help me somehow.

What were some of the unique challenges that you faced when participating in Mixathon48?
First was the time limit. Then I was fighting with my writer’s block. I hadn’t made a good sounding track that I really liked in a while. The funny thing is that I was working on the track for only 12 hours. Because the vocals were so catchy, I made the melody in five minutes and then everything went very smooth.


Was there anything you learned from your experience that you can apply to future productions?
I learned that you just have to believe in yourself. Don’t ever think that you can’t make it, just think positively! I didn’t think that something as simple as believing would work — but it does.

Would you participate in a Mixathon48 event again?
Of course!

Tell us about your music and how you see yourself as an artist.
I produce a bunch of genres. I just make what I like and see how I feel when I’m starting a new project. I have made one progressive house track, one tropical house track and one sounding more like EDM pop. Now I am working on some heavier music, like hybrid trap and dubstep. Also I am ghost producing and one of my tracks was released on bigger label and that makes me feel happy. That makes me believe that I can make it one day as a producer/DJ.  

For more from Elysium, check out his Soundcloud and Facebook page.

For more information on Mixathon48, read our story or visit their official website

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