Holiday Gifts That Are Lit

December 8, 2016
wearhaus arc

Do you have the ‘what should I get my friends’ blues? Wait…did you just say blue? We love blue, and every other color on the planet (**cough cough** color-changing light rings **cough cough**).

Here at Wearhaus, we know gift giving can be hard, but a present with a splash of color is always a safe bet. With the holidays right around the corner, we put together a ‘lit’-tle list of the best illuminated gifts to give (and get) this year. The holidays are about to be lit AF.

Amazon Echo Dot

The Alexa Voice Service is the most fun you will have talking to yourself. Packed with voice options that let you do everything from calling an Uber to ordering a pizza, our personal favorite feature of the Echo Dot is how easy it is to play music. Your new best friend also lights up to signal that everything is working smoothly.

Bonus: Take your light game way up early next year with an Alexa-embedded LED table lamp. If you need to get more lit ASAP, check out these Phillips Hue lightstrips that integrate perfectly with your Echo Dot.

The Amazon Echo Dot is available for $49.99 here.


Ringly makes smart jewelry that connects to your phone and notifies you about the things that matter most. Now you can be disconnected from your phone but never miss a message. Your Ringly will light up to alert you of any activity. Jewlery that looks good should also lights up…am I right?

Ringly is available for $195 at

Get Lit Shoes

Your feet deserve some love too. Get Lit Shoes use LED lights to make even walking down the street an exciting activity. Light up your life, your dance moves, even your workout with these glowing kicks. Don’t be shy when you put Get Lit Shoes on — everyone will be staring at your feet, in a good way!

Get Lit Shoes are available for $34.99-$55.99 at


The glow is strong with EmazingLights; their illuminated gloves are nothing short of a showstopper. What began as a simple LED toy for music festivals has evolved to inspire a community of highly talented Light Show artists. With the help of EmazingLights, gloving is now a full blown movement and helping people everywhere express themselves through light and color.

Emazing Lights are available for $39.95-$99.95 at

The Wearhaus Arc

Our headphones are the ultimate lighted accessory because they are completely customizable and can stay with you on-the-go.

The Arc’s unique light ring lets you show off your style and personality. Have fun matching your headphones to your outfit, mood, even album artwork.

Pro-tip: In the office, set your color ring to red if you don’t want to be disturbed, or green to signal you’re ready to chat!

The Wearhaus Arc is available for $199 (+FREE SHIPPING!) at


For our last trick, we are taking it old school. Light-Brite was a major pioneer in the glowing gifts space, dating back over 40 years. Use their simple and customizable screen to create any shape you can dream up in lights. Save your creation, or start over, Light-Brite is ripe for creativity. It’s still fun, we promise!

The new Light-Brite is available for $15.29 here

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