DoTheBay & Wearhaus Present: The Song Cycle

January 23, 2017
do the bay

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There’s nothing like hearing a great song for the first time. Everything seems so easy and carefree; like you and the song will be together forever. But flash forward three months later and the things you loved about the song are now annoying the crap out of you. Your relationship with a song is fickle…but it still deserves to be celebrated.

We partnered with the Bay Area’s favorite website DoTheBay to do some deep research and dissect the listening experience. Check it out….


1. The first time: what is this newness in my ears?
2. Not so sure: oh, it kind of sucks
3. The radio effect: why won’t they stop playing this song
4. That’s my jam: oh snaps, I get it now
5. This is my life now: allow me to rock the eff out with my friends
6. 3 months later: wait why is this song still happening?
7. MAKE IT STOP. Can you hear me over the hook? I SAID STOP
NEVER AGAIN….until the next song you hear…



Use code ‘DOTHEBAY’ for $100 off when you buy two Wearhaus Arcs at

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