Bass boosting, light ring firmware update now available

April 14, 2017
Wearhaus Firmware Update

Hello Wearhaus Arc users and fans,

We’re happy to deliver new headphone features directly to your Arc through the latest firmware update. We continually make your listening adventure even better, and this update will help you do just that with new sound experiences, improved color ring capabilities and much more.

Details on the new features and how to add them below…

What’s in this firmware update?

  • Bass Boost: Turn a switch on the app for crisp bass and a 10 decibel gain that sounds like you are listening to a live concert

  • Cinema Sound: Turn on cinema sound when watching videos and experience a full surround sound feel in the comfort of your headphones

  • Improved light ring:

    • Bluetooth pairing mode lasts 30 seconds now, at which point the light rings will stop spinning red/blue and switch back to the color you set, making it much easier to assign your favorite color when listening with the AUX cord

    • Keep that light on! Now your headphones will stay on for two hours before automatically powering off — you can wear your Arc as a glowing accessory!

    • Other light ring bug fixes

  • Mobile app bug fixes: Improved stability when connecting to iOS and Android

  • Voice prompt change: Removed ‘Forward to broadcast, back to receive’ as it was blocking touch controls during that prompt.

How do I update?

  • Android users can update through the mobile app. Click here to download.

  • Windows desktop users click here to download the Windows firmware updater app. Currently only works on Windows 10.

  • Mac users click here to download the OS X firmware updater app. Currently works with OSX 10.10.1 and up.

  • Firmware update for iOS will be available soon. For now, we recommend you use one of the above three options.

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